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The big daddy of marketplaces, connects freelancers with freelance employers by allowing companies to post a job and allowing freelancers to bid to complete. Now offers local services too!

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Employers can post a project relatively quickly via and start receiving applications within hours if not minutes. Employers fill out a straightforward job description including skills required, how to pay the freelancer (hourly or fixed price). Once posted and applications arrive, the employer can interview certain freelancers if they so wish through the platform. Once hired, the freelancer will begin work and will arrange payment, contracts and invoices between freelancers and clients. For design jobs, employers have the option to use contests to utilise the skills of many designers, a contest encourages multiple freelancers to pitch their design and the employer pays for the winner only. Contests are useful if you want to see a range of designs from multiple designers and not a range of ideas from the one freelancer. There is a fixed upfront cost of $50 for contests while it's possible to post a job for free


Freelancers start by creating a 'freelancer profile' which is essentially an online introduction, resume and personal marketing brochure highlighting skills, experience and education. Once the freelancer profile is polished, freelancers then apply for fixed priced and hourly jobs advertised on the site. Skillsets in demand range vastly from business, accounting & legal services to the website, IT and software development. Once the freelancer is successful and appointed, the contract will be arranged via which includes fees etc. securely holds the payment from the client and pays freelancers according to their contract. Freelancers can also apply for contests which are not available on all other large freelancing marketplaces. These are typically aimed at designer tasks.

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Good place for freelancers

Date: 21-09-2016 05:30:01
by newak [view]

I have used Freelancer as a freelancer. I have used the site for several years and overall its very good with the exception of a few issues. It’s a great place to market freelance services.

Date: 30-07-2016 13:33:58
by John [view]

It's much more than a job ads website. You can hire anyone for any type of need at a fraction of western prices. I would also say that out of all the main freelancing sites (Upwork, People Per Hour etc.) that it’s the easiest to use of the lot. 4 stars because nothing is perfect.

Date: 26-07-2016 08:39:16
by jack [view]

I think from a professional and ethical perspective the site gives me exactly what I need. For example if you are a contractor and want to get paid without working then try somewhere else. On the other side, you're a client and want work without paying then it won't happen. Highly recommend.

Date: 25-07-2016 11:51:42
by mnkymart [view]