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Uber has revolutionized the taxi industry, making it easier to grab a cab and get across town. Just one tap on your phone and a driver awaits.

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Passengers can download the Uber app for Android and iOS smartphones. Through their phones, they can order a taxi, get notified when a driver accepts then sent some details about the car and even the name of the driver. Using the app, passengers can see the driver on a map, so there is no need to wait outside until it arrives. Payment is made using pre-loaded payment details so there is no need to worry about cash and card payments on arrival. A review system ensures Uber can keep an eye on quality drivers (and passengers).


Drivers, using their own car can use Uber to earn cash as a taxi driver in major towns and cities across the world. Drivers can work their own schedule and get paid weekly using the Uber app. Drivers simply apply to drive through the site, selecting the area in which they operate. Drivers must meet some basic requirements including aged 21+, have 3 years driving experience, have a clean driving licence and pass a background check. Using the app, drivers are notified automatically by passengers who need a ride, the driver that accepts the job first will shut off other drivers in the area from the fare. Passengers and drivers can rate each other to encourage a quality experience for all Uber users.



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I used Uber during my master degree in Birmingham, UK. I found it really cheap and effective. I could call a taxi anytime during the day. All the drivers were friendly and helpful. I really like this application and I strongly believe that Uber do really good in the society.

Date: 21-07-2016 13:27:06
by Ioannis Prapas1 [view]

I have been Using Uber for around a year now and think its a really good app.
I like the fact that you can order a taxi with the click of a button and then see where your taxi is on the map as its on the way to you.
I also like the fact that the charges are calculated by a fair system, in the past I have not always been happy with private hire cars whos charges seem to depend on which driver you get and on how much tey want to charge you, which is clearly not fair and open to abuse. Id highly reccomend Uber to others.

Date: 18-07-2016 09:48:08
by Trobs_UK [view]

Uber was a game changer for me. I rarely got taxi’s before Uber came into my life, I found the prices unpredictable and sometimes unfair. I love the Uber app, great how its shows when the taxi is approaching so no need to wait outside in rain (from UK). Uber is much cheaper than traditional cabs, however the surge pricing can get a little expensive when they’re popular. Need to check out Gett because I’ve heard they have no surge pricing. For time being Uber works well and is as cheap as it can be. Highly recommend if its available in your city area.

Date: 15-07-2016 13:10:50
by jack [view]